victorVictor M. Leon was born in Cacha, Ecuador. He inherited his musical talent from his father, Pedro Leon, a well-known harmonica player in Ecuador. Victor plays a variety of string instruments including the guitar, the mandolin, and the charango. He is one of Duchicelaís founding members and he currently serves as the groupís managing director.


jrVictor A. Leon, known as Junior, was born in Riobamba, Ecuador. He is the son of Victor M. Leon. Proving that musical talent runs in the family, Junior joined Duchicela in 2005 as one of the groupís wind players. He plays a variety of pan flutes and the quena and is proficient on the piano and keyboard.


cesarCesar Cotacachi, who goes by the nickname of Tumi, was born in Ibarra, Ecuador. He traveled and performed for many years with musical groups in both Ecuador and the United States before becoming a member of Duchicela in 2005. Tumi is adept at playing the quena and various types of pan flutes.


paolo Paolo Jativa is from Quito, Ecuador. He has performed with a number of musical groups in Europe and the United States. Paolo plays a variety of wind, string, and percussion instruments and is an accomplished instrument maker. Since 2004, Paolo has performed periodically as a guest musician with Duchicela.